Session organisation

BASP Frontiers is structured around morning and evening sessions of three hours each. Amongst a total of nine sessions over five days, three sessions are focused on the theory and methods for computational imaging, another three on astronomical imaging, and another three on biomedical imaging.

Each of the nine sessions is organised jointly by a steering committee member and an invited organiser. In 2025, the sessions will consist of 5 talks in the conference room (100′), followed by 5 poster presentations in the lobby (80’) with coffee for morning sessions, or aperitif for evening sessions. We note that the posters at BASP Frontiers are highly regarded contributions, and the committee members will each contribute a poster.

The talks and posters distributions are as follows:

1 review talk by the session organiser and 4 invited talks. The session organiser’s talk will introduce the session in a wider scientific context, made accessible to the non-experts in the audience. Session organisers have the flexibility to halve their session introduction before a presentation of their own research results.

2 invited and 3 contributed posters. The 3 contributed posters will selected based on a call for contributions (see abstract submission).

Presentation timings & formats


Transition to next speaker1′


Flash intro30” each, after talks
Total time80′
Poster formatA0 portrait